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  1. Contact preferred urgent care facility by telephone prior to sending injured worker.
    1. Advise urgent care you have an injured worker coming and you are with Utah Business Insurance Co and S & C Claims Services.
    2. Advise urgent care you require a mandatory drug test.
    1. Have the injured worker fill out the Injured Worker Statement and sign the Medical Release Form prior to going to urgent care, unless there is a medical reason why this can’t be accomplished, such as bleeding, extreme pain, etc.
    2. If an injured worker is seriously injured and needs immediate care or is transported by ambulance, you must have someone take an injury packet to the medical facility and have it completed as soon as possible.
    3. The injured worker must return it to your office after seeing the doctor and give you the doctor’s signed return to work slip or disability slip.


  2. If there is a serious injury, notify S & C Claims Services immediately by telephone at 1-800-289-4502. If not serious, collect completed Supervisor’s Report from the injury packet, fill out Form 122 (correctly and completely), put all injured worker’s papers, including return to work/disability slip from doctor, in the injury packet and mail to S & C Claims Services as soon as possible. This must be WITHIN SEVEN (7) WORKING DAYS OF THE INJURY!!

Form 122 is the most valuable tool in a workers compensation case. It must be filled out correctly and completely and faxed to S & C Claims Services IMMEDIATELY at 1-702-876-5584 with a follow-up phone call to ensure S & C Claims Services received the fax on the date the injury occurred. Form 122 must then be mailed to S & C Claims Services as stated above in paragraph 3.

NOTE!! A strong fine may be levied against your company by the Labor Commission if Form 122 is not submitted to S & C Claims Services within seven (7) working days from the date of injury.

Fill out OSHA 300 Log (if necessary). The instructions are in the injury packet!!

File a Claim

S&C Claims Services, Inc. is our claims administrator. If you want to report a claim, have questions about an ongoing claim, or would like a claim packet, the contact information is:

S&C Claims Services, Inc.

10421 S Jordan Gateway, Suite 400
South Jordan, UT  84095
(801) 268-0195 telephone
(801) 255-0849 fax
(888) 281-0045 toll-free line

Dave Oakden, President,

Julie Richards, Supervisor,

The Claims Department at UBIC is committed to timely payment and provision of benefits. We have distinguished ourselves from others in the industry by combining proactive claim management with expert investigation. Our aggressive but fair approach ensures we only pay benefits that are due. The result is a reduction in your overall claim costs.

Each claim that is handled by UBIC includes the services listed below.

Loss Reporting

In order to manage claims and costs one rule remains constant. The faster a claim is reported, the lower the claim cost can be. UBIC ensures the convenience of reporting claims, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to policyholders and/or agents. Reporting can be done by phone, fax, mail, or email. Once reported, our staff will review the details and pursue contact with the medical provider, employer, and the injured worker within 24 hours when necessary.

Claim Management

Our experienced and dedicated claims professionals are focused on expertly managing your claims. Following a thorough investigation from beginning to end, our office and field investigators work toward a final resolution that delivers superior service and fair results that you expect and deserve.

Medical Bill Review

Our highly skilled team of medical bill reviewers control and reduce costs by consistently applying all usual and customary discounts and fee schedule reductions to each medical bill received. In addition UBIC partners with a preferred provider organization for contract discounts in claim costs.

Medical Case Management

We have office and field case managers with multiple years of professional experience in medical care coordination. Using cost management strategies our nurses ensure the most appropriate and timely medical treatment is provided. This achieves optimal results for the restoration of function and return to work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Claims

  1. Who should complete the First Report of Injury or Illness?
    The employer; usually an employee’s direct supervisor or a member of the Human Resources department should complete the First Report of Injury or Illness as soon as the claim is reported by the injured worker.
  2. When should the First Report of Injury or Illness be completed?
    As soon as the claim is reported by the injured worker.
  3. What if an employee has a minor injury or simply mentions that they hurt their back? Do I still need to send in a First Report of Injury or Illness?
    We encourage employers to report all injuries. If no medical treatment is expected and the employee did not miss work for more than one day, a record-only claim with an assigned claim number will be created. No further action will be taken at that time. However, if the employer questions the legitimacy of the accident/injury; or if the employee needs medical treatment; or the employee misses more than one day of work, the claim will be assigned to an Adjuster for further investigation and handling.
  4. Where can my company obtain an OSHA 300 log?
    At the OSHA website; then selecting forms from the site index.
  5. Are my employees covered while working in another state?
    The workers’ compensation coverage follows the employee while working in another state, if the contract for hire is made in the State of Utah and their employment is principally localized in Utah.