Safety Consulting

  • What are the benefits of implementing a safety program?
    You may not be able to prevent every accident at work. However, an effective safety program can: correct unsafe conditions and work practices; train employees to spot and eliminate hazards; and hold everyone accountable for safety. In addition, if the program is qualified, a premium credit is available.
  • What are the key elements of an effective safety program?
    A safety program generally consists of five elements: Periodic inspections, hazard correction, employee training, accident investigations, and record keeping.
  • What are the benefits of a return-to-work program?
    By paving the way for your employee to return to work quickly, you can: Promote employee morale; Maintain workplace productivity; Reduce workers’ compensation claim costs, which in turn can lower your premium; Accelerate the employee’s healing process; and Reduce the odds of litigation.
  • What are the key elements in a return-to-work program?
    A return to work program begins soon after an employee’s injury. It generally consists of: Report the claim ASAP; Stay in contact with the employee; Think “tasks” not “job” when finding ways to return the employee to work; Stay within physician restrictions; Provide management incentives for returning the employee to work.

Loss Prevention Services

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